general terms and conditions membership

General Terms and Conditions Membership

Table of contents

1.KWT-SYSTEM Membership periods
3.absence from training due to accident or illness of the member
5.tuition fee
6.examination courses
7.classroom clothing
8.etiquette/school rules
9.force majeure

1.KWT-SYSTEM Membership

Registration in the KWT-SYSTEM Academy for Self-Defense is a prerequisite for taking lessons in a KWT-SYSTEM Academy. It begins on the same date as the membership.

2. periods without lessons

Class-free periods are:
– Public holidays
– first week Easter vacation
– three weeks summer vacation (first half of the vacation)
– first week fall vacation
– Christmas vacations complete

The exact dates will be announced on site at the academy. The direct debits will continue as usual and will not change the terms of the contract.

3. absence from training due to accident or illness of the member

If the member is unable to attend classes for at least one month due to an accident or illness, the unused training time can be made up free of charge at the end of the contract, provided that the absence is notified in writing in advance and can be documented by a doctor’s certificate. There will be no refund of the contributions paid!


Notice of termination must be received in writing by our Academy on site. For notice periods and contract terms, see the contract. Notice of termination can be sent by e-mail or in writing to our Academy. Cancellation in the KWT-SYSTEM can only take place after the written confirmation of cancellation!

5.tuition fee

Membership of the KWT-SYSTEM entitles you to take part in WT lessons. The fee is payable irrespective of participation and offers the opportunity to take advantage of the lessons on offer within the framework of the agreement. The fees are determined and paid as specified in the contract. Payment is always made by SEPA direct debit. The first payment is always due on entry to the Academy.

6. examination courses

WT seminars/examinations are an important part of WT training and are therefore mandatory. The dates for the courses are set at the beginning of the year. To register for a course, please use the registration form on our website:

7. classroom clothing

In WT lessons we wear the training clothing of our academy. This clothing can be ordered in the online store. In WT, the color of the clothing indicates graduation and is an integral part of our tradition. The badges for the student grades must be attached to the shirts. More about this in our school regulations.

8. etiquette/school rules

Mutual respect, appropriate manners and punctuality are social standards that we also attach great importance to at our academy. Therefore, the member receives our school regulations upon registration. Members are obliged to adhere to the school rules.

9. force majeure

If lessons have to be canceled due to force majeure (e.g. lockdown by the government or similar etc.) and therefore cannot/may not take place on the Academy premises, the KWT-SYSTEM offers Zoom-WT lessons as an alternative, and WT seminars/exams are also held online. Contactless training is also a substitute. All alternatives offered are a substitute for normal group lessons on site and do not change the terms of the contract. This does not give rise to a special right of termination.