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Strong or not, self-defense begins in the mind!

It's not muscle power that counts, but intelligence, sharpened perception and the right technique!

The special thing about WingTzun self-defense is that WingTzun was developed around 300 years ago by a woman called Ng Mui in China.

The developer of this martial art taught it to her student. The student’s name was Yim WingTzun and thus this art of self-defense got its name. WingTzun means “beautiful spring”. Muscle strength and acrobatics play no role in WingTzun. The simple yet very intelligent techniques teach you how to use the power of your opponent and how to use this power strategically and tactically against your attacker.

“What is a fight for survival from the mouse’s point of view is just a game from the cat’s.”

Become a cat!

Through unique, coordinated training methods, you will be taught new behaviors in class, which will enable you to act confidently and self-assured in a stressful situation. Not only will you learn effective and simple self-defense techniques, but your body awareness and self-esteem will develop rapidly. WingTzun not only gives you the security to protect yourself in an emergency, but you also have many more benefits.

WingTzun self-defense is more than just martial arts. It is a philosophy that you can use in all situations in life!

7 tips


Perpetrators usually choose weaker people as victims for their crimes. Your body language, facial expressions and gestures are decisive. A first step in protecting yourself from such perpetrators is therefore a confident, self-assured and consistent demeanor. It is helpful to think through a robbery situation in advance and develop a strategy or options for action. This way you are ready to act in an “emergency”.

1st tip

Make sure you prefer bright, busy streets to dark and deserted paths, even if it's a detour home.

2nd tip

When you are out and about in public, be aware of your surroundings. Don't distract yourself by using your smartphone or listening to loud music with headphones. By observing carefully, you can recognize potential dangers and, if necessary, change sides of the road or move to another place of safety.

3rd tip

When using public transport, try to stay close to the driver and always keep an eye on the red emergency call buttons on trains and at stops.

4th tip

Carry your valuables and smartphone as close to your body as possible or in lockable inner pockets. Handbags should also be worn closed on the body. The zipper on the front is best, even if you can't read the great brand on the handbag.

5th tip

Shout phrases like "Don't touch me" or "I'm being mugged" instead of just shouting "Help". Always use the polite form and refer to the perpetrator - this way outsiders will realize that you don't know the other person.

6th tip

Speak directly and specifically to people who can help you, for example: "You in the red jacket, call the police!" Use all items to hand, such as keys, umbrella or bag, to defend yourself. By shouting loudly or fighting back with self-defense techniques, other people become aware of the situation and can help or get help.

7th tip

Get professional help! Because in emergency situations, only movements that have been practiced many times and have thus developed into a reflex will help. At the KWT-SYSTEM school, you will learn how to defend yourself effectively in emergency situations in weekly lessons accompanied by a specialist self-defense trainer. With professional help, you will learn movement sequences, intelligent behavior and self-defense techniques and strategies that you can use at any time in an emergency. Regular participation in KWT-SYSTEM training helps you to take control of your own safety and makes you more self-confident and self-assured.

Experience the unique KWT-SYSTEM at first hand and decide for it!