Health & Fitness

Health & fitness in the KWT-SYSTEM

Health and fitness are important aspects of everyone’s life. Regular physical activity and a healthy attitude help us to feel vital and productive and stay healthy for a long time.

WingTzun is a holistic martial art that is particularly characterized by its focus on agility and body control. It is a perfect way to harmonize body and mind and at the same time engage in meaningful physical activity.

In our regular group classes, we therefore offer WingTzun not only for self-defense, but the aspect of increasing and maintaining physical and mental health and fitness is also an important part of our offer. Our classes are aimed at people of all ages and fitness levels and offer the opportunity to get physically active and do something for your health at the same time.


In today’s society, where many people spend long periods of time at their desks, have little exercise and suffer from one-sided strain, back and neck complaints are a major problem. We pay particular attention to avoiding back and neck pain and tension. With our KWT-SYSTEM health and fitness training, we can help participants to strengthen their back and neck muscles and thus prevent complaints.

As well as preventing discomfort, our KWT-SYSTEM lessons also offer many other health and fitness benefits. Physical activity strengthens the cardiovascular function, boosts the immune system and improves general physical and mental resilience.

Those who train regularly in the KWT-SYSTEM will not only improve their self-defense skills, but will also successfully improve their health and well-being.

Training content:

  • Mobilization of the joints
  • Improvement of cardiovascular function
  • Whole body gymnastics exercises
  • Exercises for neck, back & hips
  • Health-promoting stretching exercises
  • Strengthening the muscles for an effective muscle function cycle
  • Balancing and improving basic tension & basic strength
  • Activation of the muscle chain
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Chi-Gong (Asian health exercise from the martial arts)
  • Improving posture & breathing
  • and much more

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