Become an instructor and teach yourself!

The path of the instructor in the KWT-SYSTEM is very clearly defined and, like the Wing Tzun system, has a clear structure and procedure. The training to become an instructor differs from the regular path of the Wing Tzun student. Students who take the instructor path become Wing Tzun instructors who assist their own teacher or instructor in the academy on site. Furthermore, they even have the option of running their own academy for self-defense in the future in compliance with the KWT-SYSTEM’S guidelines.

In the KWT-SYSTEM, the demands placed on trainers are very high – but achievable. Basic attitudes such as perseverance, persistence and the willingness to learn the complete WT-SYSTEM and to develop as an individual are basic requirements. Of course, the prospective instructor must enjoy working with people and teaching the Wing Tzun system. Find out more about the path of the trainer or principal in a personal conversation with SiFu Kayhan and clarify any individual questions on this topic. We look forward to seeing you!

Find out more in a personal conversation!