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The KWT-SYSTEM® specializes in children, teenagers and adults and deals with the most important human needs, such as safety, self-realization, martial arts and much more.

is more than just self-defense. It is a system that you can use in all situations in life! In the KWT-SYSTEM, centuries-old martial arts tradition meets our modern times.

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Wing tzun for women

The special thing about WingTzun self-defense is that WingTzun was developed around 300 years ago by a woman called Ng Mui in China.

kids wing tzun

Kids-WingTzun is a teaching system specially developed for children for self-defense and personality training.

adult wing tzun

In lessons for adults, whether men or women of all ages, WingTzun self-defense offers you the ideal balance to everyday life, whether at work or at home.


WingTzun is a 300-year-old Asian art that is used for self-defense. This fascinating type of martial art was developed by a woman in the Shaolin monastery, so it requires neither acrobatics nor excessive strength, which makes this particular type of self-defense far different from other disciplines and accessible to everyone.

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