adult wing tzun

Wing Tzun self-defense is more than just martial arts...

…it is a philosophy that you can use in all situations in life!

In lessons for adults, whether men or women of all ages, Wing Tzun self-defense offers you the ideal balance to everyday life, whether at work or at home.

Anyone who is prepared to engage with their body can learn WingTzun. In WingTzun self-defense, it doesn’t matter how old or young you are, whether you have previous experience, are handicapped or have never done any sport, because WingTzun self-defense builds on the existing human potential. Since WingTzun was developed about 300 years ago by a woman in the Shaolin monastery, muscle strength and acrobatics play no role. You will learn how to use the power of your opponent and how to use this power strategically and tactically against your attacker through simple, yet very intelligent techniques. In a structured and clear teaching program you will get to know the subtleties of WingTzun. Practical examples are used to teach you the concept in a stress-free and relaxed atmosphere with like-minded people.

training content


You will learn the necessary understanding of the unique WingTzun approach using practical examples. Philosophical principles as well as self-defense law, anatomical relationships and dealing with exceptional situations under stress are part of the training.


You will learn the simple basic techniques such as step changes, hand and foot techniques. You will learn to use these movements individually or in combination. A special method helps you to constantly optimize and improve your basic techniques, because the basic techniques form your secure foundation on which the higher techniques will build as you develop.


Among other things, you will learn the traditional WingTzun forms. By practicing the forms, you develop the necessary concentration and relaxation that you need for a stable stance, various techniques and body structure. By practicing the form, you will get to know yourself better and learn how to make better use of your resources. The form also helps you to develop the necessary attention, patience and mindfulness.


Using specially developed self-defence techniques, you will also learn how to fend off attacks that do not involve kicks or punches, such as grabs, chokes, pushes, clutches and throws, and how to neutralize them at the outset or deal with them safely if you succeed.

chi sao

You will learn Chi Sao, the soul of the WingTzun system. It is a method of reflex training. This method helps you to train your tactile perception. The WingTzun principles are placed in the foreground here. The aim of Chi Sao reflex training is to combine your sense of feeling with the WingTzun self-defense techniques you have learned. As visual perception is difficult in stressful situations with close contact, reflex training offers you an additional safety measure to protect yourself.

lat sao

In Lat Sao, you learn to develop the necessary sense of distance so that you can recognize attacks and dangers visually in advance and deal with them safely. Self-defense skills in various escalation phases give you the necessary know-how on how to behave against attackers. Your danger radar, which has developed through the Lat Sao, also helps you to take strategic and tactical action against multiple or armed attackers.

The KWT-SYSTEM® not only gives you the security to protect yourself in an emergency, but you also have many more benefits.

Get to know the principle of serenity. Through breathing and meditative exercises, you will learn how to consciously relax and how you can use this skill in your everyday, professional and private life.

You have the opportunity to optimize your acquired skills as an advanced WingTzun practitioner and also to learn the complete Kayhan WingTzun system with all its facets.

Learn to assess your counterpart even better and react confidently to their behavior. By perfecting your perception and self-defense skills, you can react to your opponent as ideally as if he were completely transparent and you could read him like an open book.

Learn to use your sensory perception in a new, excellent and precise way. Only those who understand what a word or body language can trigger can react accordingly and protect themselves and others in an emergency situation.

Through the special structure of our classes you will learn effective self-defense, a new body awareness, increased self-esteem and self-confidence, being fit and healthy in a unique way, training of reflexes and perception, stress reduction on a physical and mental level, bringing body - mind and soul into harmony and simply having fun with like-minded people.

Experience the unique KWT-SYSTEM at first hand and decide for it!